Organizing Community Calls using GitHub

Yani Bellini Saibene, rOpenSci Community Manager


We foster a culture that values open and reproducible research using shared data and reproducible software for everyone built by everyone. And we do it by creating technical and social infrastructure.

  • Creating a suite of carefully vetted, federated R software tools.
  • Making the right data, tools and best practices more discoverable.
  • Nurturing a welcoming and diverse community.
  • Building capacity of software users and developers and fostering a sense of pride in their work.
  • Promoting advocacy for a culture of data sharing and reusable software.

Community Calls

Quarterly one hour online events with 2-5 speakers, 1 moderator and Q&A time.

The main goal of strengthening our community.

  • informing people on technical and social topics,

  • bringing different stakeholders’ perspectives to light,

  • identifying unmet needs on a topic,

  • reinforcing our mission and values.

  • R users and developers (22-91 attendes from 11-15 countries). Academia, government, industry, and non-profit.

rOpenSci member’s point of view

How do I find out about what happened?

Community Call Webpage

How do I find out what’s going to happen?

Event List

How do I contribute to what is going to happen?

Public ideas repository

Community Manager point of view

Crowdsourcing ideas (public repo)

Manage the process (private repo)

… through issues and issues templates (check list)

Why GitHub?

Meet your members where they are

  • Diferent levels of notifications (email, slack integration).
  • Transparent and open (public repo).
  • No need for onboarding or …
  • … good first contribution using the platform (important if you want to develop/review software)
  • Screen reader friendly

¡Gracias, Thank you!